Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer

If the ovarian cancer has gone undiagnosed to the extent that it has gone untreated before it has reached stage three of its development, then the cancer sufferer is facing a long and rocky road to recovery.

Stage three ovarian cancer indicates that the following complications are present.

  • The ovarian cancer has spread beyond the pelvis to the omentum. the omentum describes the layer of fatty tissue covering the organs of the abdomen The cancer may also have spread to other areas within the abdomen, for example the intestinal surface or that of the liver.
  • The ovarian cancer has spread to the lymph nodes

To give a bleak indication of the extent of the disease at this stage, is that 5-year survival rate averages no more than 20%.

The ovarian cancer treatment options for stage three are fairly limited. The single option to arrest the spread and possibly remove the cancer is a total hysterectomy, along with another radical form of surgery known as salpingo-oophorectomy. In addition the surgeon will remove all of or at least as much of the cancer as possible, this procedure is known as tumor debulking

Following surgery, the patient will require to undergo a long and exhaustive course of chemotherapy in a usually vain attempt to destroy any remaining cancer cells.

Sadly, in stage three ovarian cancer recurrence rates runs as high as 80% Researchers are actively developing a variety of approaches to reduce the reoccurrence rates. In the meantime with little success.

In short, women whose ovarian cancer has spread this extent will have to go through a course of treatment that is debilitating, riddled with the worst forms of side effects. Whilst enjoying not the slightest guarantees that the chemotherapy will be successful. Statistics, previously stated, provide very little encouragement

Yet all this suffering may be avoidable. More and more women have discovered the advantages of holistic medicine. They have adapted their life styles, to a manner that may possibly prevent the recurrence of ovarian cancer and its relentless spread. This alternative holistic medicine based life style, disallows the use of invasive and pharmaceutical techniques to treat cancer. Results have shown that this form of treatment can be effective and provide a cure with none of the horrendous side effects of chemotherapy.