Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation

In 1982, when Ms. Nancy G. Brinker, along with a few dedicated friends, founded the Susan G. Komen breast cancer foundation, the disease was rarely mentioned in public. However Ms, Brinker, a lady of character and discipline was determined to change the way breast cancer was looked upon and treated in the United States and all over the World. A former US Ambassador to the Republic of Hungary, Ms. Brinker had experienced bitter first hand experience of the disease, having seen her younger sister, Susan G Komen succumb to the disease.

Her feeling of helplessness as she watched her beloved sister’s valiant and attempt to conquer breast cancer made her determined to increase public awareness of the disease, and how best to overcome it.

To do so Ms. Brinker established the Susan G Komen breast cancer foundation in her late sister’s name. Her initial goal was to overcome some of the taboos surrounding breast cancer, which amazing as it may seem now, was forbidden even to be mentioned in the press.

The foundation, registered as the Susan G Komen for the Cure, with Ms. Brinker at the helm organized a series of highly successful charity events to raise money to increase public awareness of breast cancer and how it can be treated.
Today, a quarter of a century later, she has seen her efforts bring awareness to many tens of millions of women of the threat of breast cancer and that while it can not always be prevented can be treated.

The Susan G Komen for the Cure has spurred on advancements in the development of many new treatment alternatives, whilst providing a higher quality of life for those fortunate women who have survived the traumas of breast cancer.

The foundation, the largest source for funding of research into this cruel disease, drives on in its goal to save lives by encouraging science to find a cure for disease. Everyone is being investigated, not only the conventional method of treatment, involving surgery and chemo therapy, with all its unpleasant side effects, but also alternative treatment methods such as homeopathic medicine.

The promise that Nancy G. Brinker made to her late and beloved sister all these years ago that she would do all in here power to put an end to the fear and hopelessness that conventional treatment of breast cancer caused, and to further the advancement of alternative treatment, remains to this day.



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